Liburan seru ke Perth, Australia, bersama Keluarga Brady Bunch 2.0

Sejak tahun 2010 saya menetap di Perth, Australia, mengikuti suami yang bertugas. Setiap kali mendengar ada kenalan yang hendak berlibur ke Australia, saya selalu berusaha membujuk mereka untuk mampir ke Perth, karena rata-rata mereka langsung terbang ke pantai timur (Sydney, Melbourne, atau Goldcoast). Pertanyaan yang diajukan adalah: “Bisa ngapain aja di Perth? Bukannya kotanya sepi dan membosankan?”

Aduh! Tentu saja saya bisa membantah dan menunjukkan hal-hal menarik yang bisa dilakukan di kota Perth atau di sekitar Western Australia. Namun untuk membahas khusus masalah ini, kita bicarakan di posting berikutnya yaaa!.

Karena keseringan mendapat pertanyaan seperti itu, saya malah kaget sewaktu kawan saya, Muti, memutuskan untuk berlibur ke Perth! Jarang-jarang nih, ada yang mau ke Perth tanpa perlu dirayu! Saya langsung mewawancara Muti mengenai pengalamannya berlibur bersama keluarganya –  yang dengan jahil ia panggil “Brady Bunch 2.0” – yang hasilnya bisa dibaca di sini.

Tidak cukup itu saja, Muti juga bersedia bercerita langsung dengan lebih detil apa saja yang mereka lakukan selama berlibur di Perth. Bayangkan: dengan 1 orang perempuan dewasa, 1 orang laki-laki dewasa, 2 anak perempuan berumur 10 tahun, dan 2 anak laki-laki berumur 7 tahun, kebayang kan, aktifitas seru apa saja yang mereka lakukan yang bisa memuaskan hati semua orang?

Nampaknya sih, liburannya sangat berhasil! Ikuti cerita Muti langsung – dalam bahasa Inggris:


For summer holiday 2012, we decided to take the kids to Australia. Starting to browse for options around 3 months earlier, we found a promo airfare for only USD 300 per person for Denpasar-Perth flight. We grabbed it fast and then browse for things to do with 4 kids around Perth. I got many “Why only Perth, and why 2 weeks? Won’t you be bored?” questions that we set our mind for a relaxing, no-plan kind of holiday. Loose itineraries, allowing us to relax , meet friends and enjoy Perth at its best. One thing we should’ve done after purchasing the tickets is securing the accommodations and other related flights, because when it’s done at the last minute, it gets rather expensive, as it was also winter break in Australia.

Almost as soon as the kids start their holiday, I took Adia and Arkan, to Bali for 3 days, while waiting for my husband Phil to fly in with Ayu and Philip who live in Singapore. After 2 nights in Bali enjoying the beach and the warmth, we were all set for Perth.

The early flight from Bali to Perth was relatively easy. Arriving in Perth around noon, we got our car ready at the airport and the first thing to do was to get groceries and get everyone settled at home, a house with 5 bedrooms and beautiful ocean view at Rockingham area. We soon found ourselves comfortable and started our 2 weeks holiday.


The next day we started exploring around the house and found a beautiful beach just 2 minutes walk behind our house.


The next adventure was to get to Peel Zoo, which is about 25 minutes drive from Rockingham. A small nice zoo where we could pet, feed the animals, followed by a lunch picnic on their playground. The kids had a blast and so did we.


The birds love the company, or the other way around.


Next in line was to visit the famous Fremantle area. We took the kids to Marine Museum and met up our friend Ria for dinner.

After a relaxing day at home, we took the kids to Ngilgi cave which can be reached within 3 hours drive south. Warning, with its 350 stairs down under, this is not a place to wear high heels.


The next adventure was to take trains, buses and boats exploring Perth where we got to visit the zoo and play soccer on the park. The train tickets were extremely cheap compare to the parking fee we had to pay the day before. Shocking! Haha, we should have done the train more often and leave the car.


Visit to Perth Zoo was also fun. Although we must say, Peel Zoo was much more intimate.


Our next crazy destination is to hit the sand dune. Taking 4-wheels-drive car, we took 3 hours drive with no one on the street. It was a scenic drive and a LONG ride, but it was worth the fun jumping and off road-ing on the sand dune.


Mandurah, saying hi to the dolphins and pelicans. Serenity at its best.



So, here are some tips I can share with you if you plan to visit Perth in the next future:

  1. Book everything ahead, it’s significantly much cheaper
  2. Don’t eat out too much. Preparing sandwich from home and have picnic everywhere is a good way to save and enjoy the clean beautiful outdoor parks Perth has to offer.
  3. For long trips, don’t carry too much. You can wash them or go to cheap laundromat
  4. If forced to buy extra clothes, jackets that you won’t need to bring home (because chances are the jackets won’t fit the kids anymore the next year), visit and drop them off at salvation army shops as you leave Australia. You save and help others while shopping.
So, kata siapa Perth membosankan? Datang dan buktikan saja sendiri!

Ikuti kicauan Muti di twitter: @felinekeeper

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